About Elie Yoga

Yoga by The Sea

Elie Yoga School was started with the community in mind. As a village, half an hour’s drive from the nearest town, in North East Fife, Elie lacked a yoga school. In the time that I have been running it, Elie Yoga School has helped connect residents and weekend visitors, in a way that focuses on acceptance and wellbeing.

Nobody is judged at Elie Yoga School and everyone is welcome. That includes experienced practitioners and late aged beginners. The message is that your practice is your practice. Whatever you get out of practicing yoga is your own personal thing.

I will focus on the individual, guiding them through a sequence of postures, or asanas adapting these to the individual.

By encouraging participants to focus on their own breathing, I hope to assist them in benefiting from their own practice, taking those benefits out into their daily life.

Elie Yoga School is inclusive and positivity thrives on diversity. It is not about being good, or bad, achieving a personal best, or even getting better at your yoga practice. Practicing yoga is about practicing yoga – being in the moment. It is about letting go of your thoughts and emotions and focusing on the breath. If you get a flat stomach out of it, that is incidental. The true benefits are emotional and psychological. Yoga builds resilience and the ability to cope better with whatever life throws at you, good, or bad.

If you send your thoughts and feelings on their way and focus on your breath, a yoga session should leave you feeling cleanse. More able to see things clearly, plan, organise, create and express yourself, building your self esteem, leaving you calm and with a greater sense of peace.

So if you feel that you are not flexible enough, young enough, focused enough, anything enough, you are one of the people who is most likely to benefit from the regular practice of yoga and, please, feel welcome at Elie Yoga School.

What do you need to practice yoga?

icon mat

You will need a mat.

In these COVID times, I cannot supply mats. These are available from specialist yoga, or sports retailers, as well as other online retailers.

If you are doing an online class you will need a smart phone, tablet, or laptop. You will also need a quiet space, where you will not be disturbed.

icon clothes

You will need comfortable clothes.

If you feel more able to focus wearing branded yoga gear, do so, however I would be quite happy if you wore jodhpurs, or your pyjamas.

icon attitude

You will need a good attitude.

If you arrive with a huge ego, the mat will soon teach you humility. However, you will also find friendship and acceptance and make connections with others, in the community. Your practice is your practice.


Music is a key part of my practice. By providing music that helps you be in the moment, I can help you gain the benefits of your practice.

I spend almost more time creating playlists as I do planning classes.

I love the music of Brian Eno, Björk, Goldie and anything by Damon Albarn. However, the music has to fit the mood of the class.

I am a little obsessed with Space and love Brian Eno’s Apollo series and you might find a playlist dedicated to The Moon, or The Waves.

Playlists are available on Spotify.

About Judith

I first came to Elie, on holiday, as a 7 year old child. I started living here, full time, in the year 2000.

I have studied at Kent, Strathclyde, Edinburgh and Sydney Universities and hold two postgraduate degrees, along with qualifications in Horticulture and Wine & Spirits. My academic and professional interests are in Art & Design, Economic & Social History, Anthropology, Marketing and Art Curating.

I spent most of the time, from the age of 17, living in Whitstable, Cambridge and London. However, I have also lived in Cape Town and Sydney.

I have been practising yoga since I was 15, teaching myself from an old book, of my mother’s that I found around the house, when she moved to Elie. However, I got back into practising yoga, regularly, in 2008, whilst on holiday in Sydney.

Whilst living in Sydney, from 2011-2013, I practised 3, or 4 times a week at Qi Yoga, in Manly and at the Bikram Studio, in Brookvale.

I have practised yoga around the world, learning much from teachers in Goa, Cape Town, Sydney, Santa Monica and Ibiza (I like being near an Ocean!). There is always something to learn.

I am also a swimmer and have swum all my life, in some great pools, seas and lakes around the world. I love swimming in Elie Bay.

Why should you practice with me?

I am a 200 hrs + yoga teacher. I trained with June Mitchell, of The Classical Yoga School, in Perth and Edinburgh.

I include a lot of Ashtanga postures in my teaching, however I also share the benefits of Yin Yoga and have read a lot on Yin theory, in the books of Bernie Clark.

Clark emphasises that everybody/every body is different and rather than pushing an individual into an ideal posture, a yoga teacher should work with the individual. What this inclusive approach means is that I can have a middle aged beginner in a class, with someone who practices regularly and they both benefit from the practice.

What I emphasise is that your practice is your practice. Do not judge yourself, or the people around you, just focus on your breathing, for the length of the class and you will feel the benefits.

Finally, if you like the coastal environment of Elie, please consider donating to Surfers Against Sewage, or Fife Coast and Countryside Trust.

My Role Models

Jacinda Ardhen


Darcy Bussell